Silvia Bonardi was born in 1987.

She currently lives and works in Florence.

She obtained her High School diploma at the art school of Brescia in 2006. Silvia discovered the world of classic jewellery in 2007, but her ideas have always been innovative and far away from tradition. Against this background, her style naturally turned from classic to contemporary jewellery.

This development first started in the streets of London, where she challenged herself by attending jewellery workshops in Central Saint Martins. Florence was the real milestone: thanks to the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery school, she completed her bachelor of art and obtained the Inter National qualification.
Today Silvia creates her ideas in the antique heart of Florence, sharing her art with her fellow citizens, who are famous jewellery lovers.

Her jewels tell her life: a stormy past, a surprising present and a future still to be created.