Burro is an experience to live and share.

The Burro Project can be lived by anyone and with everyone.

It is a moment for everyone to express their own creativity, for  themselves and above all for the others.

progetto burro

I will go through the Burro experience with you.

I will be your guide and I will show you all the steps towards creation.

Hands will be your main tools.

You are going to handle plastic wax, which becomes soft under your palms and the warmth of your body. Wax will memorise your fingerprints, melting with the organic shapes of the jewellery you are creating.

progetto burro

The process is crucial: the purpose of the project is not the final object, but the experience you live and the amazing memories you will be able to share.

Emotions leave no trace on metal, they have to be experienced.

progetto burro

“True faith is never perfect”

“True faith is never perfect”

This project is addressed to all brides and grooms who want to use their creativity and make a unique wedding ring.

The bride and the groom will create the ring for one other with a special wax that retains their fingerprints, creating the im(perfect) ring. Everlasting.

Where does the Burro experience take place?

I like to think that the ideal place for the Burro Project is the cosiness of your home.
Background music and a kitchen table, where you can work comfortably and be surrounded by the warmth of your own place.
I have a suitcase with me, with allI need to complete the atmosphere

If distance and the lack of a familiar place are an issue, you can come to my atelier in Florence, where I will do my best to make you feel at home.

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